Sunday, June 1, 2014

Upping the Stakes

Superstes Noctis is all about Surviving the Night, right? After all, that is the name of the server. But if it is too easy to Survive the Night, it ceases to be a challenge at all... and what fun is that?

Effective immediately, the Superstes Noctis server is in "Normal" difficulty mode instead of "Easy" like it used to be. It's still the same server with the same map, all that is changing is the difficulty of surviving in it; this includes mobs dealing more damage on hits, increased mob spawning rates, more fall damage, and various other things such as Wither Skeletons and the Wither Boss being able to apply the Wither effect to players.

This should make things much more interesting! Now more than ever, good luck surviving the night!

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