Monday, May 19, 2014

Grand Opening of the Ender Ender

After many hours of continuous work, the Ender Ender is now functional in The End on the Superstes Noctis server for server members to use! This was a massive build, which uses a TON of End Stone, Stained Glass, and Stone Bricks. It also added to timmc94's death count...

The "Ender Ender" is a design made by Panda4994 and modified by Docm77. It is one of the most efficient designs out there, although it wasn't built as efficiently on our server (we don't need as many Endermen, so we don't need as many layers with spawning platforms) and it used up way more blocks than expected. The same design was used on timmc94's old server (McCraft) last year, although that was built in Creative mode since that server used it a lot for massive builds. It is a lot harder to build in Survival mode!

The biggest thing to note about the design of the Ender Ender in Minecraft 1.8 (the snapshots anyway) is that now the new Endermite mobs spawn occasionally on the killing floor when the Endermen try to teleport around. They seem to be glitching out most of the time as of 14w20b, where they spin around randomly and cannot be killed. It is believed that the user's client thinks they are there while the server and other users' clients do not; every time these glitched-out Endermites appear only one person can see them and they disappear if the person relogs. Hopefully this will be fixed for the final release of 1.8, as it is a glitch within the game and not a problem with the server.

Head to the End to use the Ender Ender and, as always, good luck surviving the night!

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