Thursday, December 10, 2015

Now Running 1.8.9

Hello again everybody. Not much to report today... the server is now running 1.8.9, but there's really nothing exciting about that; just more bug fixes and preparations for 1.9 coming soon.

We've mentioned in the past that we are not using development snapshots due to the instability and problems we had with the 1.8 snapshots last year, and we've held true to that. Once 1.9 is officially released, however, we will update as soon as possible to enjoy all those new features! (After a backup, of course)

That's all for this update; as I said, there's not much to report as it is mostly bug fixes. In case another post doesn't come until 2016, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year... and, as always, the best of luck surviving the night.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wrapping up Year Two

I realize that only two posts ago I told you all we were "Wrapping up Year One" on the server, and yet another year has come and gone since then. This goes along with the lack of content available on my YouTube channel as well from the server (I still upload videos every weekday whenever possible, but most of that content this past year has been Destiny) and the overall decline of interest in Minecraft lately due to lack of updates this past year... but more on that in a future post.

What's the plan for Superstes Noctis in Year Three? That's a good question... one that we are not able to answer at this time. The server is successfully renewed until November 2016, and we wouldn't have paid for that if we didn't plan to use it. Minecraft 1.9 is coming soon, and that should hopefully boost interest in the Minecraft community for playing the game... as well as in the Superstes Noctis community, leading to more videos of the server and information here regarding it.

When I get the chance to, I plan to update the Noctis MC blog as well, although not much has happened there in 2015. We still plan to finish and launch the server, but interest in it has been minimal as the interest in the game declines and we haven't been putting much work into the server apart from a few sessions of "Skype and Build" (a more productive and much less raunchy version of "Netflix and Chill" apart from some dirty jokes) that have seen spawn develop slightly further. If you are interested in that server, be sure to share that interest so we know people care!

Year Three of Superstes Noctis should hopefully be much more interesting than Year Two was. Thanks for sticking around, and as always... on behalf of the Superstes Noctis crew, I wish you all the best of luck surviving the night!