Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Superstes Noctis?
A: Superstes Noctis is a small, whitelisted private Minecraft server hosted by MCPro Hosting. Videos of the server are posted on YouTube.

Q: What does Superstes Noctis mean?
A: Superstes Noctis is Latin; it means "Survive the Night"

Q: Can I join Superstes Noctis?
A: The main Superstes Noctis server is private, and we are not accepting applications.

Q: Who plays on the Superstes Noctis server?
A: The members of the main Superstes Noctis server are Timothy, Miranda, Angel, Matt, Rik, and Margaret. (timmc94, bonkerdoodled, Anika_Strizuki, IosefKoranison, XHANRIC, and Narelyn respectively) Taylor and Alisha (IronRoach and Nightowl279) are also officially members of the group, but do not actively play on the main server.

Q: How can I keep up-to-date with the server?
A: This website is your best resource. Timothy also posts content on his Twitter account.

Q: Can I view the server's map?
A: The 3D map of Superstes Noctis is available for viewing here. It is not a live map, and is only updated occasionally.

Q: What Resource Pack does Superstes Noctis use?
A: While the server certainly does not require it, there is a Superstes Noctis Resource Pack (SNRP) that is created and updated by server admin Timothy and is suggested for all members of the server. SNRP is available for download free of charge here and a full text changelog for SNRP updates is available here.

Q: Can I download my own copy of the Superstes Noctis world file?
A: At this time, there is no download available for the Superstes Noctis world file. This may change without warning in the future, but we can make no guarantees.

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