Sunday, March 19, 2017

Superstes Noctis Twitch Server

A few months ago, a "server" was created in the Curse client for Superstes Noctis. While it was useful, we found it too unpredictable to rely on... but now Twitch owns Curse, and the Curse client has become the Twitch app... so it's time we invite you all to join us there.

The Twitch app allows members of Superstes Noctis, Noctis MC, and anyone interested in either to communicate in a centralized location. The Superstes Noctis Twitch Server is linked to Timothy's Twitch account since he occasionally streams content (and hopes to do so more often in the future) and as such that stream is also available in-app when he is live as well, directly within the Superstes Noctis Twitch Server itself. There are multiple communities on the server, with some available for everyone and others restricted to certain groups of people (for example, the Superstes Noctis voice chat channel is restricted to members of the Superstes Noctis Minecraft Server) depending on the context. If you are interested in Superstes Noctis and/or Noctis MC, we encourage you to check out our Twitch Server and join the community! This should be a great way to communicate going forward and we hope to use it to really start a community.

Click here to download the Twitch App or here to join the Superstes Noctis Twitch Server. The direct link to our Twitch Server is limited to twenty invites, so if that link doesn't work for you please let us know and we will replace it with a new one. We look forward to you joining us in the Twitch app so we can all work together to survive the night!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

SN Logistics Center

With the recent new additions to our group of members, new paths have been built to provide easy access to their homes and, eventually, their other builds on the server as well. We've had a centralized path system on Superstes Noctis for awhile now, but the past few months it has been expanded multiple times for new members and new build areas from existing members.

Enter the Superstes Noctis Logistics Department (SNLD?) which now has an office located in the basement of Noctis Manor. This provides a place for members to come and fill out request forms for additions to the logistics network on the server, meaning roads sharing the single design of the centralized path system. If a member builds something new, needs a path rerouted, or if there should happen to be any accidental damage to an existing path system, a request can be made at the new building in Noctis Manor to adjust the path system accordingly. This is a simple build that simply functions to keep the server logistics running smoothly... just one less thing to worry about as we fight to survive the night.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Welcoming Three New Members

The Superstes Noctis server has been growing significantly lately! Over the past year, we have welcomed six new members: Matthew and Eric joined in 2016, with Eric's girlfriend Margaret joining a few months later, and now in 2017 three of Timothy's local friends from his new church college group are joining as well!

Members of the Superstes Noctis server as of the end of 2016.
From left to right: Miranda, Timothy, Angie, Eric, Margaret, Matt.

In late February 2017, Taylor joined Superstes Noctis and began constructing his personal residence North of the Noctis Grand Desert and East of Acaciaville. He marks the first member to have the same name as an existing member: Angie's fiancé Taylor, who joined several years ago but doesn't play very often. (Angie's Taylor is IRONROACH, and the new Taylor is roadrunr12) Just a week later, two new members have been added to the member list: Logan and Johnny, who are good friends and know both Timothy and [the newest] Taylor in real life. As of this writing, they have yet to choose locations for their personal residences.

We are very excited to welcome new members to Superstes Noctis again, and look forward to the builds made by the new members as well as the collaboration between the growing Superstes Noctis crew as we all continue our endless battle to survive the night.