Saturday, March 18, 2017

SN Logistics Center

With the recent new additions to our group of members, new paths have been built to provide easy access to their homes and, eventually, their other builds on the server as well. We've had a centralized path system on Superstes Noctis for awhile now, but the past few months it has been expanded multiple times for new members and new build areas from existing members.

Enter the Superstes Noctis Logistics Department (SNLD?) which now has an office located in the basement of Noctis Manor. This provides a place for members to come and fill out request forms for additions to the logistics network on the server, meaning roads sharing the single design of the centralized path system. If a member builds something new, needs a path rerouted, or if there should happen to be any accidental damage to an existing path system, a request can be made at the new building in Noctis Manor to adjust the path system accordingly. This is a simple build that simply functions to keep the server logistics running smoothly... just one less thing to worry about as we fight to survive the night.

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