Sunday, July 6, 2014

Snapshot Woes

New features are cool! It can be really tempting to upgrade to Minecraft Snapshots, especially recently with all the changes announced. Minecraft 1.8 is going to be an absolutely massive update, and it was so tempting we gave in and decided awhile back to update to the snapshots. They were stable at the time... but newer snapshots have proved to be otherwise, and it has caused a lot of trouble (and downtime) for the Superstes Noctis server. For now we are running 14w27b, which works... kinda. Exiting the Nether has proved troublesome, and Anika_Strizuki even got teleported to the edge of the map, right by the world border. In Survival mode, that isn't really something you want to happen.

We've learned our lesson: once 1.8 is publicly released, we will no longer be using snapshots! Learn from our mistake and do the same for your worlds (and especially servers) by only venturing into snapshots with your worlds if you make a backup beforehand and use a separate minecraft.jar.

This has been a Public Service Announcement from the Superstes Noctis team. Play smart, play safe, and good luck surviving the night!

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