Sunday, June 11, 2017

Now Running 1.12

After a record number of delays, Mojang has finally finished and released Minecraft 1.12! Unlike 1.11, this is a really exciting update packed with great new things (also hideous Glazed Terracotta blocks) and is a huge change for the game that we are really excited to have on Superstes Noctis!

Because of the nature of some of the changes made for this update, there are some additional tasks to complete now for Superstes Noctis that 1.12 is out. These include:

  • Updating the Superstes Noctis Resource Pack (SNRP) for the new blocks and changes to coloring with some existing ones
  • Custom JSON Advancements files to customize the Superstes Noctis experience
  • Custom unlocking of Recipes so everyone doesn't have to craft everything in the game all over again from scratch (there's no single command for that... seriously?)

With life being busier and more complicated lately, these changes may not happen as quickly as desired... but they will be done, and should hopefully greatly enhance gameplay! Of course, once the new SNRP version is ready it will be available to download from the blog's Resource Pack page for everyone to enjoy... even those who don't play on the Superstes Noctis server.

With how stale vanilla Minecraft had gotten lately due to lack of updates, it is refreshing to finally have some new content and for this major update to actually be one worth getting excited over. Hopefully there will be some new videos from the server to enjoy soon too, focusing on the new content added in this update. In the meantime, we once again wish you the best of luck in your continuing battle to survive the night.

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