Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Holiday Season 2016

The holidays are upon us yet again! While they can be stressful at times, they are also full of joy and celebration. On Superstes Noctis, we celebrate Christmas; there's a Mega Spruce tree that has been there since the beginning of the server right at spawn, and every December we decorate it and leave gifts in the large presents scattered around it. This is the first year we've had five presents instead of three, so it may be more crowded than ever before but it is also more festive and fun!

As a reminder to all members of the server, you can leave gifts for the other members of the server in their respective presents around the tree. Flip down the trapdoor and place your gifts in the chest; they are trapped chests, so your items will remain in the chest until you close it and then drain into the collection chest below it connected via a hopper. Please do not dismantle any presents until the group gathers around the 25th to open them together! Your gifts can be anonymous or not, it's all up to you.

On behalf of the Superstes Noctis crew, I'd like to extend wishes for a joyous and unforgettable holiday season regardless of what you celebrate. Just don't forget to listen for zombies, skeletons, creepers, and spiders... they don't know what time of year it is, and will continue to hinder your efforts to survive the night.

The Superstes Noctis Spawn Christmas Spruce Tree

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