Thursday, April 14, 2016

Now Running 1.9.2

Our update to Minecraft 1.9 was a huge success and breathed new life into the server that we've been waiting for quite awhile to find! If you've followed this blog or any of my other works for awhile now, it won't surprise you that I forgot to update the blog when that update took place... but I assure you it was awesome for the Superstes Noctis crew.

The 1.9.2 update is a bug fix update to 1.9, and as such there's not much to report about regarding it. But since I missed the upgrade post for 1.9 itself, I wanted to make sure you all know the move went well and has done so much for the server and its members. We've been playing a lot more since the update, and having a lot more fun while doing so.

The downside is the Ender Ender. We're not sure exactly what happened, but Endermen are no longer spawning in the Ender Ender and therefore it is effectively useless at this point aside from the surviving storage of Ender Pearls there. It's likely the issue involves the spawning mechanics for certain "non-solid" blocks, namely the Stone Pressure Plates that line the floors where the Endermen spawn in the Ender Ender; adapting the system to detect mobs with string and tripwire hooks may make it work again, but in the meantime it can no longer be used for XP grinding or Ender Pearl farming.

The crew of the server enjoyed fighting the Enderdragon again, since you can now craft End Crystals and summon in the Dragon whenever you want. The fight is different now, and it was fun to experience the new mechanics as a team. We collected some of the new "Dragon's Breath" for crafting Lingering Potions, ventured to the new End City, started growing Chorus Fruit back in the overworld behind Noctis Manor, and even found our server's first pair of Elytra!

Overall, the 1.9 update is an extremely positive change for Superstes Noctis. We've done alright adapting to the new combat system for the most part, and are enjoying the new blocks added. We've adapted as necessary to continue surviving the night.

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