Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wrapping up Year One

Superstes Noctis launched on November 18, 2013. Year two with our hosting company starts on November 17, (apparently they believe in 264-day years) but not much is changing as far as hosting is concerned.

We had discussed starting a new world, but we decided the existing world has much more to be explored and built so it would be premature to end it and start over from scratch. So rather than change a bunch of things, we're just going to make it our goal to do more in year two than we did in year one! Hopefully this year on the server will see a ton of improvement to the server world and we'll grow it quite a bit.

We hope for a great second year with our server! Hopefully fans of the server videos will enjoy it too. Got any ideas for the server? Feel free to contact us at superstesnoctis@yahoo.com and share your advice, we'd love to hear from you. Remember about the Noctis ASMP server as well, we're still working on that! Check that out at http://noctis-mc.blogspot.com for more information on that. Thank you for your continued interest in our work and good luck with year two of surviving the night!

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